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American History Smart Junior (smart Junior Series)

American History Smart Junior

Your children will love this great book. Written by Stephen Fleury and it was published by Princeton Review. The book went on sale in November of 1996. For anyone within the library you can very likely look it up with the classification code, E178.3.A56 1997. The history book is 208 pages long and it includes black & white illustrations. To obtain your personal print of this children's book, visit the button on this page.

Princeton Review

ISBN: 0679773576
Author: Stephen Fleury

Do you know how the United states of america began?     Would you like to know what life was like when your grandparents had been kids?     Along the way you'll:fly a kite with Ben Franklinmeet the inventors of the telephone, the phonograph, the car, and the airplanedance the Charleston inside a brand new York City speakeasywitness the hard-won victory of Rosa Parks Travel through history, from the Revolution to Watertgate and beyond!     Or why the 1920s are described as"Roaring "?     You'll learn about all these things and more when you join Bridget, Babette, Barnaby, and Beauregard on their time travels through America's past.


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