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Children At Play: An American History

Children At Play An American History

Do you want to order a book? Children At Play: An American History by Howard P. Chudacoff a great book. Written by Howard P. Chudacoff and it was published on the 1st of September, 2008 by NYU Press. The book is 269 pages long, select the hyperlink below.

NYU Press

ISBN: 0814716652
Author: Howard P. Chudacoff

If you think the experts, “ child's play” ; is serious business. From sociologists to psychologists and from anthropologists to social critics, writers have produced mountains of books regarding the which signifies and significance of play. But what do we know about how youngsters really play, specially American children utilizing the final two centuries? In this fascinating and enlightening book, Howard Chudacoff presents a history of children's play in the United states and ponders what it tells us about ourselves.

Filled with intriguing stories and revelatory insights, Children at Play gives a chronological history of play in the U. S. from the point of view of young children themselves. ” It highlights the transformations of play that have occurred more than the last 200 years, paying attention not just towards the activities of the cultural elite but to those of working-class men and women, to slaves, and to Native Americans. Focusing on youngsters amongst the ages of about six and twelve, this is history “ from the bottom up. In addition, the author considers the findings, observations, and theories of numerous social scientists along with those of fellow historians.


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