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Literature Connections To American History 7 - 12: Resources To Enhance And Entice

Literature Connections To American History

Do you want to get yourself a book? You should read Literature Connections To American History, 7-12 - resources to enhance and entice by Lynda G. Adamson. The author is Lynda G. Adamson and it is published by Libraries Unlimited. This history book was available sometime in December of 1997. In the library the reference number is Z1236.A33 1998. The book is 624 pages long. We would like for you to get the best price and service when you buy a child's book. Please check out the buyers market button on this page.

Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1563085038
Author: Lynda G. Adamson

Identifying thousands of historical fiction novels, biographies, history trade books, CD-ROMs, and videotapes, these books assist you locate resources on American history for college students. An index helps users find resources by author, title, or biographical subject. The books cover American history from North America Before 1600 and The American Colonies, 1600— 1774 to The Mid-Twentieth Century, 1946-1975 and Since 1975. The concentrate is on books published since 1990, and all have received a minimal of 1 favorable review. The second section has annotated bibliographies that describe each title and contains publication data and awards won. Each book presents information in two sections. In the 1st part, titles are listed according to grade levels within eras and extra organized according to product sort. Some books with far more illustration than text will be beneficial for enticing slow or reticent readers.


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